Happy Bookings provides white-label travel solutions customized to meet the needs of corporate partners. We provide a customized travel site for our strategic partners through profitable revenue share programs that will enhance your brand and provide your customers with access to over 200,000 hotels worldwide, access to all major airlines, tours, activities and attractions with 24/7 call center support all provided under your brand. We have offices in Las Vegas, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. Click Here to learn more!

Our management team has been in the travel industry for over 50 years and understands how to develop effective programs that provides value to our corporate programs. We understand how to increase value for companies’ and actively participate with each one of our partner’s to ensure a strategic alliance that will generate customer retention, incremental revenues and brand loyalty.

In addition, our current focus on the outbound travel market in China provides our partners there an opportunity to tap into the world’s fastest growing and largest travel market in the world..


If you’re looking for a travel partner to help you enhance your brand and add-value to your existing clients, Happy Bookings will provide a customized travel solution that will exceed your expectations and those of your clients.