Happy Bookings has built a world-class travel program with the best travel suppliers in the world.   Our suppliers provide Happy Bookings with exclusive inventory and pricing that is tailored for each one of our Strategic Partnerships:

Our current travel offerings include:
  • Over 200,000 Hotels and Resorts worldwide
  • Over 20,000 Activity and Tours worldwide
  • Published and Private Airfares worldwide
  • Car Rental Services worldwide
  • Discounts to restaurants and shopping partners in the most popular destinations
  • VIP Access to private clubs worldwide
  • 24 hour Concierge Service supporting our customers in Mandarin and English
  • Membership Programs customized to meet the needs of your Clients
Contact Us if you want to partner with Happy Bookings and offer your customers a customized travel experience to enhance your brand, provide a competitive travel product and generate incremental revenues for your company.

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